Setting Gst-nvurisrcbin drop-fram-interval > 0 cannot reduction in total decoding time

Please provide complete information as applicable to your setup.

Can you share your pipeline information and how you calculate the total decoding time?
Reducing drop-frame-interval>1 only causes few frames to be injected to downstream plugins, so there are less frames decoded, and the total decoding time shall get reduced. But the per frame decoding time should stay the same.

my pipeline is urisrcbin * 32 → nvstreammux ->queue → nvvideoconvert → queue → fakesink, I didn’t add nvinfer node in the pipeline, it’s just used to test the ability of hardware decoding, the time statistics is the probe added in the sinkpad of fakesink, the start time is to judge whether it is the first video frame in the callback of batch_meta.frame_meta_list traversal, and the end time is the end time of pipeline eos.

If you just want to test the decoder time, please use the urisrcbin->fakesink to eliminate interference from other plugins.

Sorry, I have a problem with my previous statement. My purpose is to measure the time of decoding and batching other than the time of nvinfer.

OK. Because the decoding process may depend on the front and back frames(B frame), frame decoding may be still necessary even if the interval is set. You can try to set the dec-skip-frames=2 and check the time.
Please also provide some more information about your environment.
• Hardware Platform
• DeepStream Version
• TensorRT Version
• NVIDIA GPU Driver Version
• Issue Type
• code for reproducibility :

The dec-skip-frames=2 I set can reduce the time, but the drop-frame-interval I set and the total time frame cannot be matched. It feels like 1 frame per second for decoding.

• Hardware Platform 3080Ti
• DeepStream Version 6.2
• TensorRT Version 8.5
• NVIDIA GPU Driver Version 525.105.17
• Issue Type
• code for reproducibility :

As I said before, when you set the drop-fram-interval parameter, the decoder will still decode all the frames cause the decoding of a certain frame may depend on both the front and back frames. So the decoding time is similar.

I understand, that is to say, if I want to improve the decoding performance and reduce the overall decoding time, the most effective way is to modify the video source and increase the frequency of its key frames, by combining drop-frame-interval and dec-skip-frames parameter can effectively improve the decoding efficiency?

Yes.But it will drop frames.

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