Setting Jetson to high performance / Faster clock rates (resolved)

Which parameter are you working with that gave permission denied? FYI, sometimes when a parameter is already set you will see an error message if trying to set it again, depending on what you are looking at. For example, you can’t “echo 1” to /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu3/online without an error if that cpu is already online…the error message is kind of misleading when it should really say something like “cpu3 is already online”.

Latest kernels should be no different, although defaults may or may not change. The /proc and /sys file systems are not real files, and represent kernel features which are chosen or missing…so if for example a /sys file is available and associated with a particular optional hardware, and the hardware is there but no driver was added, then the /sys file simply won’t exist. Loading a module supporting that device would then cause the /sys file to suddenly appear. When a /sys file appears to be missing it is a good idea to investigate which kernel feature supports it, and check /proc/config.gz to see if the feature was built…and if it was built as a module, to then load the module.

You running the echo with sudo but then using the “>” as a normal user. Hence the permission denied.

I suggest that you login as root (sudo su -) or put those commands to a script and then run the script with sudo.

You can also do

echo 852000000 | sudo tee /sys/kernel/debug/clock/override.gbus/rate

which whill do the echo as a normal user and pipe to a sudo user who tees to the file you desire. I am sure there is a million other ways to do it too…