Setting Slurm Configuration File for Jetson Nano GPUs


I hope this isn’t a terribly dumb question, but it is not obvious to me how to point Slurm towards my Jetson Nano’s resources within a configuration file.

Normally, automatic GPU configuration can be set with the line ‘AutoDetect=nvml’, however since NVML is not supported on tegra architecture. I am trying to explicitly configure my Jetson nano’s GPUs with Slurm by defining the resources. I would expect each resource to be located at /dev/nvidia*, but instead Jetson nano has /dev/nvhost*.

I need help defining the Type and File commands within the SLURM GRES configuration file for a Jetson nano. ‘Name=gpu Type=tesla File=/dev/nvidia[0-1] COREs=0,1’ (example configuration)



Sorry that we don’t have too much experience on Slurm.

But some of our users have share their experience.
You can check this GitHub for some information: