Setting the Serial Clock Frequency on the nvidia jetson

Hi, I’m trying to connect 2 MEMS mics (Adafruit SPH0645) to the TX2 using I2S. I already have the speaker connected via I2S and it is working fine. However, when I hook up the mics, all I get is distorted noise. I know that the mics are meant to operate between 2-4MHz. Can I set another clock aside from I2S0_SCLK to the appropriate frequency allowing me to operate the mics (as an input)? If so, how do I change the frequency of the clock?


What is the sample rate that you are using for the mics? You should be able to use the aud_mclk which is available on pin 7 of J21 on the TX2. This clock runs at 256x the sample rate and so I am not sure if this works for you (unless you are using 8kHz). However, we can configure this clock to be whatever frequency we need but that will require some kernel changes. For example …