Setting thermal band using nvidia-smi

This is not strictly a programming question, but I hope it’s OK to ask here, as there aren’t any user-centric linux forums.

I am using NVIDIA driver 455.38 on Ubuntu 20.0.4 system with an RTX3070.

I use nvidia-smi to inspect and control the GPU.

I’ve noticed that my 3700 (Set to ‘silent’ mode via HW switch) will only start up the fan at 60 degrees or so.
It will then cool the GPU down to 40 degrees and shut off the fans again.

I am trying to find a way to make this band more narrow. E.g, start cooling at 50 degrees instead of 60. But I would like to avoid having to set the Hardware Switch to Performance-Mode.

Is there an nvidia-smi command that lets me do this? I’ve been combing through the options, but I have not been able to find one.

Nor did I find one in the nvidia-settings tool, other than manually overriding fan using CoolBits.

The fan curve(s) is set by the vendor in the VBIOS. You can only set it to manual control and then use a fan-control daemon to set up your own fan curve.

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