Setting up a Tesla into a linux 'home'-server with only one PCI express bay

Hello everyone,

Sorry if this is going to sound strange, but I’ve been working over Linux for a long time now but I’ve never had to work with Linux.

I want to set up a Tesla card in a Linux machine (either a Ubuntu Server or a Fedora Server). I could set up the installation as I want so what I will do is something like:

    Put any card on the machine

    Set up the Linux system

    Take out the card (with the machine turned off!!)

    Put back the TESLA

    Then turn it on.

Will this work? I will have any access but remote, will I be able to boot up and change the drivers? There is any tutorial that you could recommend?

Thank you just for reading it, if you answer then it will be great!

ssh - X user@teslabox

password ***********

export DISPLAY=otherbox:0.0

firefox &