Setting up access control for DGX-1 and nvidia-docker

We have a DGX-1 server in our college lab where multiple users will use nvidia-docker and train models using GPU. here I have few queries regarding setting up working accounts for multiple users.

1.) how to set access control in DGX-1. since docker require sudo cmd to work we cannot create multiple accounts without root privilege. even if we use docker group we cannot provide restriction on local storage where all data of users stored in local storage is visible to everyone. how we provide privacy and security for different accounts in DGX-1 so that one user do not access or modify docker images or data of other users.

2.) Is there any options in docker to do this access control and not providing root privilege to users.

3.)Is this can be achieved using kubernetes? or what role kubernetes plays here?

4.) how to configure privileges for different users in docker or DGX system so that one user can’t access other user docker images or data?

please provide any reference links or documentation to to do this?