Setting up Digits 4 Ubuntu Box

I am relatively new to this exciting area so please bear with me.

I have set up an Ubuntu 14.04 box with a Tesla C2050 card installed.

I have gone through the process of installing NVIDIA drivers, the NVIDIA Toolkit and Digits software. Everything appears to work including the Digits setup, until I try and train a new image classifier using the MNIST OCR character set, and then I get the message the NVIDIA development CUDA driver version is insufficeint for CUDA runtime version.

I’m not quite sure how this can be the case as I’ve only followed instructions on the NVIDIA page, and this box was specifically setup for the purpose of investigating Digits.

Is there some way to get a box up and running without all this pain. I have probably spent about 40 hours so far trying to get the system setup

I have looked on the forums and web in general and I cannot figure out what to undo and try again, is there a ubuntu digits image that can be downloaded, or some other method other than what I am doing.

I hope someone can explain my shortcomings so I can test this out.

DIGITS is on top of a software stack that has the cuDNN library at the bottom. The cuDNN library requires a compute capability 3.0 or higher GPU. Your C2050 is a compute capability 2.0 GPU.

Thank you so much for your response. Is there a definitive list of cards that support Digits 4. I have just ordered a GTX-1080, and am now worried that I may have chosen the wrong one again. A.

I don’t know of a definitive list. The rule for cuDNN is cc3.0 or higher. Your GTX 1080 is cc6.1 It is supported.

Specifically, here:

the supported cards are listed as Kepler, Maxwell, and Pascal. Your GTX 1080 is a Pascal GPU.