Setting up Drive PX2 development environment.

Are there any steps in settign Drvie PX2 environment ? How can one start to develop on the drive PX 2 platform. There are no such hello world examples available to start the development or setting up the environment.

Please advise.

Dear kjoshi,

Could you refer to below link? Thanks.

I tried to access the link provided above but it looks like I do not have access to it.

Membership Required
The content you are trying to access is part of the DriveWorks SDK. Please log in to the NVIDIA Developer Website using your Corporate or University email address, and follow the instructions to request access to the DriveWorks SDK, or contact your NVIDIA Account Manager for further information.

Dear kjoshi,

Have you requested access to the DRIVE Developer Program at
You should get an approval to access the link also.
And we need an NDA your company and NVIDIA. So could you please contact your NVIDIA local distributor and Account Manager? Thanks.

I have full access to this page for downloading purposes. I have downloaded most of the content from this page, but I am not able to access the link you provided earlier (

Dear kjoshi,

Did you get an approval to access the link? Because the site is for membership only.
The site is still live. Thanks.

Hi SteveNV,

Was this the link that you were pointing me to?

Is the link above the same as ?

Even though under my account I have access to Drive Developer Program and NVIDIA Developer program. I can not get access to the link you provided. Is there another program that I need to be subscribed to in order to access the link? (Link: