Setting up Nvidia with NAS and Plex

Ok, I am new to all of this and I need your expert advice. So i have a Qnap 453a, the Shield 16gb and three tvs. my router and modem is located in my living room, along with the 4k Ultra HDR Tv. The 2nd tv is in the kids room with an xbox 360, and the last Tv is my room. I have a Lg 1080 non smart tv.

If I mount the NAS to the Shield, and they both need to be connected to the router do I need to purchase an additional piece of equipment like the fire stick in order to stream to the TV in my room?

What is the best way to connect all of this to stream media throughout my home. Also should I run the Plex server from the Shield?

any help I would appreciate so much, including anything i didn’t know to ask… THANKS


This is the NVIDIA Developer forum. Unfortunately, you will not find Shield support here. I suggest posting questions related to Shield in the GeForce forums.