Setup desktop remote access to Jetson over the internet

The Jetson boards are marketed as platforms to develop AI applications on the edge and a big (and often disregarded) part of deploying edge devices is having a robust remote access.

Remote SSH access can be easily solved using the basic functionality of Dataplicity but what if your edge project has a desktop + GUI component that needs to be checked remotely? I made a medium blog post showing how to achieve this task, hopefully it can help the community since I found several posts here asking for help in this topic.

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Hi, we are an NV Jetson SW partner developing remote management solutions for Jetson devices.

The goal here is to allow users to operate devices deployed to the field remotely with our ready-to-use cloud platform and web portal. We are also able to set up some alerts, for example when GPU usage is too high, and support container OTA which can save time and labor costs by remotely mass updating edge AI devices.

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Would be great to get some feedback and suggestions from y’all