Setup for GP-GPU

Intentions: Develop the Ac-BM(Aho-Corasick Boyer Moore) algorithm for the GPU preferably in openCL

System Info :Win 8, nVidia GeForce 635 GT635M(2 GB)

Help : What toolkit is needed to develop/compile the openCL applications?

Suggestions: Is it better to use CUDA( as I didn’t find much of a mention of opencl on NVidia’s site?

Unless you need OpenCL 1.2 for some reason (I don’t believe NVIDIA supports 1.2 yet, just 1.1) either would work. The CUDA 4.2 toolkit provides OpenCL samples that you can look over if you intend to use OpenCL. Presumably NVIDIA wants to focus on CUDA and doesn’t care much about OpenCL as of late.

Yes from what I hear OpenCL 1.2 will never be supported…