Setup for making CUDA code

I’m missing something in my setup. After installing the CUDA SDK 5.5 and NSight, I set out to try out a few samples from the book I’m reading (CUDA Application Design and Development). The first one works as advertised (but then, it is C++ code and runs on the Host proc). The next one switches to .cu code and compiles, but at link time, it can’t find several externals “__CudaRegisterFatBinary” and consequently, won’t finish the build. I’ve looked for a couple of days for a hint as to which dll/lib I’m forgetting to include, but have yet to find it.

Anyone have an idea??

I don’t understand why, but to resolve the issue, I deleted the old project, and started over. Upon building this time, it works. Same settings, same includes, etc… NOT SURE just what was wrong with the last one.