setWbGains() gain range

May I ask what are the white balance gain range for “setWbGains()” function?

From the reference webpage: Jetson Linux API Reference: Argus::IAutoControlSettings Class Reference | NVIDIA Docs, they are float numbers. But I couldn’t find the range. Are they [1.0, 256.0] as the ISP digital gain?

From the sample code: “…/samples/userAutoWhiteBalance/main.cpp”, it seems to be >= 1.0.

Suppose it’s 0-255. You can also use below API to confirm it.



The API you mentioned above seems to be getting the AWB regions but not the gains. The return value I got is “64”.

The “setWbGains()” function is defined to take float numbers as input argument:
virtual Status Argus::IAutoControlSettings::setWbGains ( const BayerTuple< float > & *gains* ). I am wondering what is the range of each float number?

The parameters are R, GR, GB, B and the range is 0-255.