Sever stability issues with ubuntu 16.04 and nvidia-361 or nvidia-364

issues with nvidia after the upgrade to 16.04.

I think that the issues bellow are kernel or nvidia graphics related. I am looking for workaround. A fix will be great.

  1. To make it simple. Whenever the display goes to sleep the display cannot be awaken.

GPU: MSI gtx980 connected to 4 displays. 3 are 4k and one 1080p. When tying to wake the display up the Xorg cpu jumps to 100% and the system load increases constantly until I shutdown the machine.

The IO system is so tied up. I cannot issue a reboot on command line, restart lightdm or remote login.
also I cannot change VT using ctrl+alt_Fn. If I switch to VT 1. Then let the display go to sleep. The console VT 1 cannot be awaken as well. Force shutdown the is only thing that works.

  1. There is video tearing. I added triple buffer support in the xorg.conf. It did not help.

3, When using lxc container running ubuntu 14.04 (with maching nvidia graphics and cuda toolkit 7.5). I cannot get graphics in the container. I get graphics if the lxc runs ubuntu 16.04.