Several issues with L4T 32.5

  1. You are still required to specify the root block device even with -r --no-systemimg.

  2. If there is an SD card inserted, overwrites the GPT on it even with -r --no-systemimg.

  3. If you specify a non-existent root block device and -r --no-systemimg, completes successfully, but it still overwrites the GPT on the SD card.

  4. If there’s no SD card inserted in the device, hangs.

Thanks for pointing out these. Will check.


Per checked the, I think you misunderstood the usage of these parameters.

  1. The “–no-systemimg” is “Do not create or re-create system.img.”, it didn’t say it will not flash SD, it just suppose you already prepared the systemimg, and will not check if it is exist.
  2. The “-r” is the re-used the systemimg and the will check if the systemimg exist or not.
  3. The flash the device based on the layout xml file, it will flash all partitions in this xml file. Thus, if you specify a board config file that would flash sdcard, then it will flash the sd.

Thus, for your point (1) (2) (3), they have nothing to do with --no-systemimg.

For (4), it hangs because you may choose a board config that requires to flash sdcard.