Severe corruption of cuda_5.5.20_winvista_win7_win8_general_64.exe

I downloaded cuda_5.5.20_winvista_win7_win8_general_64.exe and attempted to install it.
The executable told me the file was corrupted and aborted.
I then proceeded to try and unzip it using 7-zip, and 7-zip mentioned corrupted files as well.
I thought there could have been an error in the download, so I proceeded to download the file a second time. I ran into the same problems.

I then went searching the web for others who would have had the same experience and I stumbled upon a post on this forum:

Turns out the user’s file wasn’t corrupted. However, I followed his lead and attempted to extract the data using winRar. Same problem.

It gives me 490 corrupted files. Most of them appear to be exe’s or dll’s.

You’ll find the log attached to the post.

Does anybody have an idea what I could do to get a non corrupt CUDA toolkit installer?


corrupted_cuda_5.5.20_winvista_win7_win8_general_64.exe.txt (74.2 KB)

Huh! Weird.
I re-downloaded using a download manager (DownThemAll!) instead of Firefox default download… and it magically works.

However guys, here’s a suggestion: provide MD5 and/or SHA1 hashes of your files.