Severe Unreliability Issues with Jetson Orin Nano and Jetpack 6


I’m really frustrated with Jetpack 6. Every time I boot up, I’m greeted with an “internal error,” and every 10-15 boots, I have to reflash my Jetson Orin because the GUI won’t load or the boot image on the SD card gets corrupted.

All I’m doing on the Jetson Orin is following these steps:

Installing Jetpack 6 with SDK Manager.
Building OpenCV 4.9.0 with CUDA.
Installing VS Code.
Running my image processing code, which also changes process priority from one thread to high.
Why is my Jetson Orin consistently having these problems? Is Jetpack 6 that unstable, or am I doing something wrong? Could my Jetson Orin Nano be damaged?


Is that jetpack6 DP version or Jetpack6 GA version?

There is a known sdcard corrupted issue on jp6 DP version but should be fixed on JP6 GA.

Where can I find the specific version of Jetpack in SDK Manager? I simply select the default Jetpack 6.0. I reflashed with it yesterday, so it should be the latest version.

Currently, I’m encountering this issue:

The system boots up normally, showing “OK” messages.
However, when the UI is expected to load, I get nothing but a blank screen. The fan is running, and everything else appears to be fine, but there’s no image output.
Is there a way to reset the GUI? Why would this suddenly happen after a reboot?


I cannot give you a answer why it happened unless you share the log.

Please dump the serial console log from your Jetson.

Serial console can also give you a interface to control the board (e.g. to reset the GUI).

I pressed Ctrl + Alt + F2 and briefly got a command line, but it quickly disappeared. After a power cycle, I tried Ctrl + Alt + F3, and the UI suddenly appeared. Any idea why this happened?

Regarding the Jetpack version. How can I find the specific version of Jetpack in SDK Manager?


Could you answer are you able to dump the serial console log soon or not first?

All the questions here could be ignored first if you can dump serial console log. But if you cannot, then we need to find alternatives.

Or as the GUI is back, are you able to open a terminal?

I do not currently have accsess to a UART adapter. Yes the Jetson is fully back.

please dump dmesg from your terminal and share the full log as attachment here.

And for your ctrl + alt + F2 question, this is called VT switch and it needs extra configuration to make it work. As mentioned in this doc,

dmesg_log.txt (71.6 KB)
Here is the log

The log indicates this is from latest version.

For this issue, I cannot tell anything from your dmesg as the error didn’t happen. UART serial console is necessary to check this (and you need to reproduce that error once).

and every 10-15 boots, I have to reflash my Jetson Orin because the GUI won’t load or the boot image on the SD card gets corrupted.

Also here is the issue I always get when booting jetpack 6. that’s only on jetpack 6 tough

So i have the correct Jetpack version, which shouldnt have this issue? But why does the GUI sometimes not load? And why did Ctrl + Alt + F3 fix this now?


Just to clarify. You are reporting several issues all at once and I don’t have answers to all your questions.

I am sorry for the error you encounter here. It could be bugs that didn’t get hit by our testing.

  1. When you run ctrl+ alt +F3, it most likely reloading the display driver and that makes your GUI back.

  2. For the issue you shared in screenshot, could you also run this command on your terminal and share me the result you saw?

sudo /usr/sbin/nvpmodel -q

  1. For the GUI is missing issue, if you hit again, I really need you to help use serial console log to share logs.

Thank you for your support.

I want to say that we’ve had to reflash the Jetson five times in one month, which makes me uneasy about relying on it. Would you recommend rolling back to Jetpack 5? We’re currently using Jetpack 6 only because of the following code:

struct sched_param schedParam;
schedParam.sched_priority = sched_get_priority_max(SCHED_FIFO);
if (sched_setscheduler(0, SCHED_FIFO, &schedParam) < 0) {
} else {
    printf("Sched prio\n");

This didn’t work on Jetpack 5 without modifications to sched_setscheduler, which we dont want to do.

  1. Ok then i know what to do next time

  2. nvidia@ubuntu:~$ sudo /usr/sbin/nvpmodel -q
    NV Power Mode: 15W

  3. Yes i will get a UART adapter in order to share you the Logs

My main concern is whether the issue of the SD card boot image corruption has been fixed in the latest Jetpack 6 version. We’ve only encountered this once, where I manually selected the SD card to boot from the BIOS, and it immediately sent me back to the BIOS. After that, it booted to the shell.

Thanks again for your assistance.


I feel the internal error you shared in the screenshot seems not fatal as nvpmodel binary is still working fine on your side.

Could you also run this command first and run previous “sudo nvpmodel -q” command again and see if the mode got switch?

sudo nvpmodel -m 1

If it got switched, then that error seems could be ignored. (But we would still check that on our side).

And my personal suggestion is, if you have concern about the sdcard issue, you could also try to boot from nvme or usb drive to avoid that.
We would also try sdcard on our side and see what is going on.

Rebooted, again no GUI loaded. ctrl+ alt +F3 also no effect

After the command line on the top left appears for a second, black.

And sometimes the mouse is visible for half a second or so.

Basically sharing anything you saw from the screen won’t help. Only the log will tell.

The “symptom” can only help when it is a known issue. However, this is not known issue as this release just came out 1 day ago.

Now i can say switching to an NVME SSD was the right choice. So far no issues. Seems way more stable.