SGIE elements operate-on-source-id

PC: RTX 2070 Super
Deepstream: 6.2
Driver Version: 525.105.17
Docker image: deepstream:6.2-devel

I am working on a deepstream pipeline with multiple SGIE elements. However our use-case requires us to run SGIE inference based on the camera view too.

For example if we have an indoor camera (cam1) with few people, we would like our SGIE element to perform inference on those people bounding boxes. However if we also have an outdoor camera (cam2) with many people, we do not want to perform SGIE inference on those people bounding boxes.
Essentially our use case requires use to have a parameter similar to operate-on-source-id.
Would like to know if there is any way to achieve this functionality.

gst-nvinfer is open source, you may customize it as you like.

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