SGIE(Full Frame) Dependence on PGIE Sucess

How do I decouple SGIE from PGIE infer? Currently if PGIE fails to detect, SGIE(full frame) does not run.

Hi @abrar.shahriar
What do you mean fail? If PGIE crashes, it will crash whole app also,

Not crash, just that there for some frames is PGIE fails to detect anything, the SGIE skips too. I want the PGIE and SGIE to be independent but the SGIE does not trigger without operate-on-gie-id flag. For now I am using a hand made plugin rather than use the main deepstream-app + stream config.

You may try to change“process-mode” for 1 in config_sgie.txt, it will process full frame regardless of pgie.

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Tried. Did not work.