Shader debugging not supported on GPU

I have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060 6GB adapter, when I run the latest version of NSight, 5.5, and do Graphics Debugging, I open the Shaders window and try to set a breakpoint inside a shader, the breakpoint won’t set, whit circle, and when I hover with the mouse on it it says that this breakpoint cannot be set as shader debugging is not supported on this GPU. Is there a list of supported GPUs? I was not aware of that. Where is that noted that not all GPUs, or at least the minimum GPU, that are supported?


Hi dajimmy,

Currently, only Kepler GPUs are supported for shader debugging.

Thanks, I saw that in another thread.

I wonder why that is the case though? I thought that when you pay more money for more recent GPUs you should get all the capabilities of the previous ones plus more, especially such an important capability.

Can you give us some idea when this will be available, NVidia? I’m debugging some pretty hairy MixedReality stuff and don’t want to downgrade my graphics card to something lesser just to debug.