Shader Profiler not possible in linux

I am trying to use shader profiler with tiny_shader_toy[1] in ubuntu22, but nsight doesn’t show the glsl source code, the warning message is “This report does not contain high level shader source correlation information”.

Nsight version: 2023.1

[1]vk_mini_samples/samples/tiny_shader_toy at main · nvpro-samples/vk_mini_samples · GitHub

Thank you for using Nsight Graphics and sorry you ran into this issue. Can you verify which GPU Driver version you are using? Are you on the latest driver version from Nvidia? Please make sure the shader was compiled by the glslangvalidator with -g flag. If you continue to see the same issue after verifying you are using the latest driver and compiling with the appropriate glslangvalidator compile option, then we will need to get the shader profiler report and investigate further.