ShaderDebugInfoCallback is never called in DirectX

I am integrating Nsight Aftermath to our DirectX application. The example provided on GitHub works properly, but when our application crashes there are no PFN_GFSDK_Aftermath_ShaderDebugInfoCb callbacks signalled.
My application is DX11, is that a reason?

The crash dump look like this :

Is my shader too complicated?Or other reasons?
Does anyone know?Thank you

Thank you for using Nsight Aftermath and your questions. I’ll ping the engineering team and get back to you on your question.

Just wanted to provide a few more details on our specific support.

From the Release Notes:
• Shader debug information for legacy DXBC shaders is unsupported.

From the Aftermath SDK’s
• Nsight Aftermath is only fully supported for D3D12 devices. Only basic support with a reduced feature set (no resource tracking and no shader address mapping) is available for D3D11 devcies.
• Shader line mappings for active warps are only supported for DXIL shaders, i.e. Shader Model 6 or above.

I hope this helps to provide more insight.