Shaders are always in binary

When I used Purfhud ES, I can view all the shader programs. TGD is a better tool, except most shader programs are in binary, so I can’t view the detail. It confused me a lot. Any option to resolve that?

that’s because your app using compiled shaders, are you using game engine or write your app from scratch? maybe disable the optimizing can help

Thanks for reply.What bother me is the same app, while purfhud es can view all the shader programs, TGD can only view little. I am using a third party game engine, and I can’t control optimize shader or not. And I don’t think it’s the key issue, because purfhud es can do that.
So, nvidia gives us TGD to take place purfhud es. In most cases, TGD does a great job. But when I want to view shaders, I have to switch to an older device to make purfhud es work. It really trouble me a lot.
Maybe TGD can inherit this feature from purfhud es in next version ?

that’s weird, can you share your app with us, send to devtools-support

Sure, I have sended my app.