Shadow problem while using the Create XR

Bug Sombras CreateXR.mkv (25.8 MB)
Bug_Sombras_2.mkv (22.9 MB)

I’m having a problem when i try to start the XR simulation.
Sometimes a weird shadow appers in the simulation currupting the textures.

@labs.pi.omniverso i am just another user, but i’d like to inquire the following:

  • are experiencing the artifacts in any other USD file?
  • what were some of your XR settings?
  • what version of Create XR are you using, presumably the latest beta (2022.2.0-rel.1)?
  • which display driver version are you on?

I found out that the shadow problem is a consequence from the high temperatures that the cpu is reaching (~95ºC).

When it reaches this temperature the shadows starts to take place in the simulation and the temperature starts to drop a bit.

With a new cooler system i think it will work properly.

that’s quite hot! thanks for circling back with your findings and can find a way to reduce the temperature