Share Your Science: Visualizing Protein Structures with High Performance Computing

Originally published at: Share Your Science: Visualizing Protein Structures with High Performance Computing | NVIDIA Developer Blog

Dr. Wojtek Goscinski, High Performance Computing Manager at the Monash University eResearch Center, shares how his team is using supercomputers accelerated by NVIDIA Tesla GPUs to process and analyze big data to create visualizations of large-scale molecular datasets. Dr. Goscinski mentions they are able to process their data within hours with GPUs as opposed to…

NVDA Shareholder with an idea for development:

:Picture this and then imagine…A special occasion
is coming up, (Birthday,anniverary,wedding,graduation)
and you make a reservation for dinner at a personalized
venue with multiple choices for your entertainment.
An evening at this dinner event goes like this:
A pre selected famous figure chosen by you (a hologram of
John Wayne) guides you to your parking space.
Upon entering the venue, a Hostess greets you and asks for your
reservation name which includes your list of options
for the evening. A hologram of Frankenstein appears and
escorts you to your dinner room of choice.
A hologram of Star Wars R2D2 shows you to your table.
You have chosen the Storm room venue. A hologram of an
approaching thunderstorm begins to appear and fills the
room with clouds, thunder and lightning complete with
sound effects.
A hologram of a much larger than life flying hummingbird slowly
materializes above your table to take your order.
After dinner you all decide to stop by the wild west bar
for a drink. Various holograms of wild west characters having
gun fights appear in different areas of the room.
You sit down at the bar with a full mirrored back bar and in
the mirror various figures (chosen by you beforehand) appear
in the mirror on the bar stool next to you.

The ultimate 3D experience…Hologram fantasies of choice.
nvidia is one of very few company’s with the technological
abilities to make this happen.
Bryan Mailliard
B &C Mailliard
480 694 1367