shared libraries System.loadLibrary() hangs

i created solution with 2 projects

  1. myApp creates myApp.apk and shared library
  2. myLib creates shared library
    in java app code
    System.loadLibrary("myApp");  // works ok load lib
    System.loadLibrary("myLib");  // hangs debugger

in my app i have 4 shared libs i would like to build them separately
than hopefully they would be installed and loaded.
i use nexus 7 which is not rooted as testing device
in standard eclipse projects shared libs are all located under jni folder
in nvidia visual studio addin only lib is created under jni application folder
other shared libraries projects are created in project specific folders
something goes wrong when trying to load
sample which shows how to setup project with 2 shared libs with
lib2 depending on lib1 and both being
loaded by app using System.loadLibrary() would be helpful

where is your MyLib, do you package it into your apk?
In Visual Stuadio Tegra, you add the additonal lib by Project Properties>AntBuild>Additional Dependencies

add the so directory to Native Library Directories
add the so name to Native Library Dependencies

VS Tegra writes, to Tegra-Android\Debug
when i added Tegra-Android\Debug to Native Library Directories
and myLib to Native Library Dependecies is loading fine.
an app example would be helpful for others who will run into the same problem
thank you

thank you for sharing your experience and suggestion.