Shared memory between Host and Device How to access the structures


I’ve an 8800 GTX with me and I have 3 kernels running on the card currently, one after the other.

There are number of structures defined in the C code. There are some structures which need to be accessed by both host and device memory.

Is there any shared memory location where I can allocate these structures so that BOTH - host (CPU) and device (GPU) - can access it.

If yes, then kindly mention how to allocate and access that memory.

Tanmay Anjaria

The memory spaces are different, this is not possible

Tanmay Anjaria, please stop posting same questions on every sub-forum.


but I posted in 2 subforums ONLY… “every subforum” is a huge number as we have numbr of subforums here…

I’ve NOT posted it to unrelated forums anyway…

I’ve taken the note though… will take care of it…