shared memory bug.

I created a few small lookup tables in shared memory. Got “Unspecified launch failure” until I changed the array size from 7 to 8. I’m confident that there was no out of bounds indexing. Can you confirm this as a bug? (Spent a lot of time before I found that solution). Had no problems with array size of 7 with local arrays.

The shared arrays are declared in a device function called by the kernel not in the kernel itself but that should be fine I suppose?


Fermi 480GTX + Cuda 3.1 + 257.21 + WinXP

That should be fine but I’ve seen on some instances where i have multiple calls to the same device function that the shared memory usage goes through the ceiling ( i think that was when unrolling).

An “Unspecified launch failure” would indicate that as a possibility.

Have you checked your ptx output ( -ptxas-options=-v) for how much resources your kernel uses?

How shall we confirm that as a bug without seeing any code?