Shell for Jetson, is it useful?

Accidentally i found there is a Shell for Jetson Dev Kit sold on, is it useful, did anyone used it?

You mean this one? [url]

I’ve heard from people who tried it that they liked it, for those who having a fully-sealed enclosure isn’t a hard requirement. Also it seems difficult to obtain, as it has been out of stock on Amazon for some time now.

This recent review from Phoronix of the Silverstone PT13 mini-ITX case scored high marks, however: [url][/url] All things considered, perhaps that is a more viable option…

Also note that ConnectTech makes the Rudi and Rosie enclosures, but these are more pricey as they are fully-sealed (IP67/68) and passively conduction-cooled, and use the smaller Jetson module inside not the full devkit (useful for embedded applications deployed in the field).

The Jetson dev kit can mount in a standard ITX computer enclosure, if you want to protect it from accidental objects poking at it.

I will say that bare boards on a work surface will, sooner or later, have accidental contacts with tools, keys, coffe cups, and so forth, so SOME kind of protection is useful. I just cut a hole in a piece of cardboard to fit the Jetson module, and drape the cardboard over the motherboard. You may need something different.

Interesting enough a coworker just informed me that he accidently dropped a usb cable connector on it, and saw smoke.

So to answer the OP’s question.

Yep, apparently it is.

Thanks, i also worried that may easy to saw smoke or something, so i want to buy a shell.There seems a new shell sold on,, how about this one?

That link doesn’t work for me, and I can’t find anything on Amazon when searching for “nvidia jetson enclosure.”

However, any ITX enclosure will work. Like this one:

sorry, i don’t know why it doesn’t work.
i also can’t find it by searching “nvidia jetson enclosure”,but i can find it by searching “jetson tx”.

That looks way over-priced for what you get. I see a few dollars of hardware and a few dollars of laser-cut acrylic plates.
The other case I linked to is full metal, and costs the same.

What I like about the “shell” you link to:

  • it looks great with the clear acrylic
  • if you hook up a lot of external wiring, it has easy access out the sides

What I think is not so good about that shell:

  • there is no protection on the sides, where spilled coffee will often come from
  • acrylic builds up static electricity, which might more easily jump to the motherboard
  • acrylic is very fragile and breaks easily

Will it work for you? If you want something that looks like that shell, sure!
Is it suitable protection for a development board? I’d rather take a full metal ITX shell.
Your opinion may vary.

thanks, Snarky, i will think about it.


Regarding cases for TX1 and TX2, this mini ITX case was the best one I found.

We now resell it here

Regards, Rapidproto