Shield GPS from TX2 making noise


I use the TX2 as a companion computer on a drone. When I run code on the GPU, my GPS fails. I now have the Jetson wrapped in copper tape and I build a little reflector under the GPS, plus I have the GPS in about 8 cm over the Jetson. Still the problem is not really solved.

I was wondering if someone had the same problem and how he solved it. I remember seeing a TX2 drone project on an NVIDIA blog.



Do they share a common power source without RF isolation?

There is a UBEC and a ferrit ring on between the Jetson and the power source. But I can power the flightcontroller (which powers the GPS) completely independently (from a Laptop USB) and the Problem persists with no cable connection between the GPS/flightcontroller and the Jetson.

Hi, basically if the shielding of Jetson is good enough, there should be no RF interference to outer device. Since you have done the cover test with copper tape and problem persists still, it looks more like a power/ground issue, did you do the test with completely isolated power and ground?