Shield k1 update 1.5 bug?

Hello everyone, first i want to start by saying i am just a game enthusiasts and beginner level on any type of development. Ok now that the disclaimer is out of the way let me get to the information.
I have been running some fairly heavy games requiring “live” timing. I had been struggling for months with rendering issues since the last update. I put significant work into researching what was causing the issues. I found that the daydream feature on the shield k1 update 1.5 is causing multiple issues. Seems to be some compatability issues with android marshmallow and shield. With the daydream feature on i get the appearance of latency and lag during game play. I was seeing fps slow to a crawl. I also get a significant wifi throughput issue or possibly packet errors. I also found some benchmark tests showing 20% drop with daydream feature on. Also noticed a lot more battery drain during sleep mode with daydream ( hybernation) feature on getting wakelock acreen comimg on wifi waking up when it should not. I want to let devs know about the issue and hopefully find a solution to the kernel and rom compatability issues.
After turning off the daydream feature a no longer see the lag or latency and throughput is back to normal. I also noticed that wake up time is significantly better. Yet i was still having significant battery consumption and heat issues causing cpu to throttle. I showed 65% of the drain was directly from the lcd screen and had to lower the backlighting to 35% to bring consumption rates down. I still was seeing high consumption so i went further and found that the tegra prism backlighting feature that is supposed to reduce battery consumption was actually causing more battery consumption. So now that was turned off.Again i am expecting this to be an issue with os.
I was able to finally get most of the excessive drain cutdown but wanted to maximize battery life and was able to do so by going into all apps and blocking all apps from notifications and from spying. Running cpu in optimized mode and had to get rid of google keyboard, youtube ( was locking tablet up), camera (jpg files getting corrupted files) and tons of other things. Pretty much stripped it to bare bomes and fonally have system running at full wxpected speeds and with the least battery drain possible without sacrificing performance.
I still get some heating issues and see cpu internal temperature above 109°f within 20 miniyes. The tablets ventong os very poor and only has opening on the ends but only one end is functional. The end with the otg and mini hdmi port. The other end is blocked internally. The one port that is open doesnt gget very good flow and actually get more flow through the mini hdmi port.
Since there is no room for a fan inside except maybe a very small one. I probably could get a 25x25x6 fan to fit next to the battery leads, but dont think i could get the cover to go back on due to the fan thickness. I am think about making a custom back cover and mold a fan into it. Then wire the fan in with a heat sensing diode to act as an auto switch. Not sure what else to attempt to prevent heat from increasing. When the cpu temp shows its above 110f i start noticing performance issues. I dont know how hot the gpu is but expect it is getting very hot. The only other option is to look like an idiot and blow into the hdmi port very hard repeatedly to get fresh air in to quickly dissipate the heat from the heatsink and internal components. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Pretty much stuck at this point as to what else can be done other than going to custom roms and kernels and not sure which one i could use and i really dont want to lose supoort since the tablet is only 3 months old. Plus i am not sure of i could get everything back with shield hub.
What should i do next guys?

I did a search before posting about the daydream bug and didnt get any results back hope it helps someone. The daydream is a big bug and needs to be fixed. Sorry i dont know how to do it myself in the code but hopefully someone will check it out.
Ok well since no responses i guess no one has any answer to my question about temp control. I had done search before posting and couldn’t find any answers. I am sure i just voided my warranty but since i cant get any help or responses back from support and was told to come here by support to get answers i decided to try something. Inside the tab is a small piece of phone next to the battery. I very carefully removed it alomg with the tape that was on top of it. Also removed the tape over the other end of the motherboard that covers the serial number, whjch probably didnt do anything. Put cover back on and ran tbalet hard two nights in arrow for 2 hours solid till battery got low. Very please with the fact that i can get 2 hours out of the tab now with all the setting tweaks that i have made. With the foam removed the internal temperature has stopped climbing up as high as it had been previously. It has allowed a little more air inside of the tablet effectively allowing it to breath and now its not overheating. Not sure as to the need for the foam other than just to help with impact protection. The temp difference isnt significantly different other than max temp dropping. Physically noticeable difference to the touch holding the tablet touching the back cover is observable difference aswell. This works because this is on the side with the usb hdmi and functional vent and allows more internal air space and a more direct flow of air in and out of the tablet. Results may very and data recording multiple times with and without foam in place to show average teperature and comparisons have not been completed. Only a quick check was completed and results are based on cpu temp using app to check temp and to the touch feel of cover and observed performance and battery cycle time comparisons before and after. Battery 100% to 15% time results have be observed to increase from 45 minutes before any settings having been changed to 2 hours of up time during moderate to heavy game play, but your results may very. Be cautious of fragile internal wiring
Do not attempt to do this it may void your warranty and you can break you tablet or damage internal components if you are not trained to perform internal repairs. So although i think i could still make some more improvements i believe for the time being without have to install a custom rom or kernel i have been able to get the tablet run at its factory maximum effeciency. Fairly happy with the results. Would love to hear back from someone that could verify with some more precise testing if these adjustments could be confirmed and if there are any additional tweaks that could be made while keeping everything in balance that could improve my results. I do still get the occasional lag and throughput concern but only briefly and usually not until the battery is very low and temperature is up from a long session.
One additional thing i wanted to touch on was i noticed that the tablet charging system can not keep up with battery consumption when usimg a quick charge 2.0 charger, same as world charger. Was told the gpu is pulling directly off the charger and not allowing chargong but consimg the charge plus battery life causing the negative charge effect. I see on the side of the tablet a coltage rating of 5-12v 2 amp. Is this the safe charging range and can a higher voltage charger be used allowing for upto 24 watts of charging?

Ok i was able to correct the issue with daydream it appears. Initially doing a factory reset only wiped user data. After oem unlock and performing factory reset. The system performed a img restore wiping delvek and a full reinstall. Unable to determine if it was something corrupt in cache or if ota did not install properly.
Running benchmark 3d rendering at uhd get frame rate drop at 47fps and visual can see momentary image hang up. It is better since opencv3.2 update but could use a little more refining. Bench results as follows
Native mips 3625
Java mips 3708
Nat msflops 4630
Java msflops 4633
Nat mdflops 4633
Java mdflops 4713
Nat mallocs 238430
Nat mem read 16076
Java mem read 8630
Nat mem write 10993
Java mem write 8756
Native disk read 1505. Samsung
Native disk write 74 class10 evo+
Java efficiency mips 102%
Java eff msflops 100%
Jav eff mdflops 101%
Jav eff mem read 53%
Jav eff mem writ 79%
Looking for ways to improve armv7 vfp4 neon, nvidia 361.00 gpu drivers, kernel 3.10.67+ o.s. 1.5 (
Antutu overall 3d result 36163 res 1920x1200 densities 320dpi cpu 24133 ram 8225 ux 26023
Thoughts possible c libraries or gpu acceleration, kernel changes. Need full custom build from ground up. Compile, profile, and find that little bit more that can be squeezed out of the hardware and cleaner software.