Shield TV 2017 developer image 7.2.3... something went wrong

I just tried to update the shield TV 2017 with the developer image 7.2.3.
I used the “flash-all.bat” batch present on the windows zip “” but something went wrong.
The batch passed the first step

fastboot flash staging blob
fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot reboot

but it has never started again…
actually it is bricked and I can see it trough usb as an ‘unknow’ APX.

I made this same operation in the past without problem, and I don’t understand how that could have happened.

I just downloaded another time the same image, but the two zip differs.
I downloaded the first at 19:41 2019/3/15 (Italian time) and the second at 21:34 2019/3/15

The AndroidInfo.txt and are the same, but all other files differs:
Please check the folder comparison result here:

I downloaded 2 times from the same link:
“NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2017 Developer Only OS Image New | 7.2.3 | 2019/03/14”
The downloaded zip have the same name but different contents.
From the Android-info.txt it appear that both zip are intended for the same device:
“require product=t210ref|SHIELDtabletPro|loki|foster”

My suspect is that someone uploaded at first a wrong set of files and then re-uploaded the correct one.
Unfortunately, having bricked the shield with the first one I cannot check with the newest.

What I can do? Where can I contact support?

Thanks in advance

nevermind… it was my mistake, the 2 zip have the same name but were downloaded from 2 different link and the first was the wrong one.

In order to save time to other people some moderator can just erase this Topic?