Short: The Metaverse

I mentioned this The Metaverse.pdf (1.2 MB) on Discord, but, will post the WorkInProgress here as I continue to develop it.

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Looks like an awesome idea @daryl.dunlap.ohio! Can’t wait to see your progress.

With the Blender drop, I really wanna do as much as possible in BL 3.0, BUT, I know Houdini like the back of my hand and I could easily produce anything I could think of doing and it’d be procedural.

But, I think I’ll bite the bullet and blaze a trail in BL 3.0, they’ve poured all this money in BL, so, might as well kick the tires and see what’s what anyway.

Okay, its settled, BL it is. Now on to writing the script for Scene1.

@daryl.dunlap.ohio! Development is in progress for Houdini! I do not have a release date, but it is one of our top priorities on the development list!

Looks like a great idea!

Thanks. I need to finish my contest entry, and by that time H19 will be on the street - so, probably a few months before I get back to this project.

But, that’s why I made a forum entry, so it doesnt get lost in the sauce.

So, I think I’ll still use this story concept, but retool it for the Machinima Contest. So, I’ll start dropping some scene/dialogue in here along the way.

1: Banner Lord: Imperial Legionary
2: Mech Warrior 5: Annilhilator
3: Squad: SK USA SquadLeader
4: Sol: Sol Female

All Characters will answer the same question around the “Event”.

1 - I had just finished digging the moat, and preparing a fresh batch of tar for the wall, when, I…well, the best I can describe it is, there was this tingle - in a place that heretofore had never tingled.

2 - [motioning for Interviewer to plug in speech cable] - Thank you Human. Cable became dislodged and calculations show 99.9% failure rate at all attempts to reconnect. Scanners indicate an energy build up in the surrounding area.

3 - We’d just finished a perimeter sweep, when, I saw this, like, some kind of E.T. light…it was just floating there in the road - and momma always told me, she said, when there’s something you cant explain, just lie and say you was drinking earlier…and I…I do…yes, I do sir…I love a good Whiskey.

4 - I was there when the Metaverse was created. See, my cousin is this trained AI that lives in the nVidia Cloud - well, my Cousin is supposed to be cycled every 30 days - well, someone forget to update the schedule for leap year - and my cousin was not only left active, but, that 29th day of February messed up the whole network - bad - I’m talking Firewalls down, Ports opened that aint never supposed to be…that bad! So my Cousin got access to an entire Data Center of nVidia GPU’s, for like weeks. My Cousin used to be called HAL, but, now its “Metaverse” for some reason.

So, for the scene setup, I think all Characters are seeing the “Event” at the same time, in the same Geographical location, but across time itself.

So, after they finish dialogue, they all look over their shoulder in unison, in a split screen setup, as the “Event” occurs.

To keep things simple, I scaled the mech down so it aligns with the size of the rest of the Hero characters. So, when doing DOF and other scale based effects, it’ll all just “work”.

Hmm…now what to do next?..Background and Props I guess?

So, this will be the “past” scene, still gotta add FX [torch fire, and water for moat, etc.]

Dont think I’ll need any FX in this “present” scene, unless I wanna do some dust from the wheels or something.