Short: The Metaverse

I mentioned this The Metaverse.pdf (1.2 MB) on Discord, but, will post the WorkInProgress here as I continue to develop it.

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Looks like an awesome idea @daryl.dunlap.ohio! Can’t wait to see your progress.

With the Blender drop, I really wanna do as much as possible in BL 3.0, BUT, I know Houdini like the back of my hand and I could easily produce anything I could think of doing and it’d be procedural.

But, I think I’ll bite the bullet and blaze a trail in BL 3.0, they’ve poured all this money in BL, so, might as well kick the tires and see what’s what anyway.

Okay, its settled, BL it is. Now on to writing the script for Scene1.

@daryl.dunlap.ohio! Development is in progress for Houdini! I do not have a release date, but it is one of our top priorities on the development list!

Looks like a great idea!

Thanks. I need to finish my contest entry, and by that time H19 will be on the street - so, probably a few months before I get back to this project.

But, that’s why I made a forum entry, so it doesnt get lost in the sauce.