Shortcut for switching workspaces

I enabled workspaces on the Jetson Nano through Settings -> Appearance -> Enable workspaces. I am on R32.4.4. That all works fine, but I am used to using the shortcut ctrl + alt + arrow to switch between workspaces. The left and right arrow key respond properly and switch between the top left and top right workspace but the down arrow key doesn’t switch to the lower left or lower right. I haven’t found any issues with Ubuntu where people don’t have the down arrow working only. They either have none of the arrow keys working or it’s working fine after some configuration. Furthermore, this is on a new installation of the devkit so I haven’t configured anything that would mess this up.

Let us check this issue. Thanks.


The default definition of how to switch workspace is defined in Settings → Keyboard → Navigation → Shortcuts.

Thus, you can change the shortcut to match your request. We tried the default shortcut and it can work.