Should DS 5.0 image shipped with python 3 and other python binding dependency?

I am playing with Python binding with DS 5.0 image/container, and noticed I need to
do some further dependency installation, some of the procedures has been described from document e.g., however, there are still others e.g. install python 3, automake, autoconf etc.
Question 1, will you have plan for future DS 5.0 image include all python ready dependency?
Question 2, is it possible to have the docker file for those image and related library files, thus we could build customized images on top of them?

Thanks in advance, and looking forward to hear from you soon.

Thanks for your feedback!

We will dicuss your suggestion internally and improve DeepStream!

Hi @murong.lin,
We are not doing this right now due to licensing compliance, but we will consider adding it to the container for future releases.


Thanks for the update!