Should I reduce the model as Yolov5n-strongsort-osnet tracking process Killed after loading osnet_x0_25_market1501?

Hi, I am using Jetson nano with Jetpack 4.6 installed with PyTorch 1.10.0 and torchvision 0.11.0. I use a as the detector and weight for tracker. I am running the tracker using GPU. Until it loads , everything runs in normal speed. once the the process gets killed. I would like to know how I can solve this issue. I exported the reid model to onnx, but it is not helping.

Moved to Nano forum for better support, thanks.

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Is a complicated model?
Could you monitor the system status with tegrastats to confirm if you run out of memory first?

$ sudo tegrastats


I was able to run the tracker with osnet and yolov5n model in cpu successfully. Thanks for the reply.

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