Show UserDefined Dump Descriptions on the dump file

Hi there!

I’ve been using the Aftermath SDK on a UE4 project to get more information when having GPU crashes.
I was wondering if there is any chance that the GFSDK_Aftermath_GpuCrashDumpDescriptionKey_UserDefined descriptions that we can add in the DumpDescription callbacks could be also showed in a section of the dump .nv-gpudmp file.

Actually, as we have also enabled the DRED breadcrumbs in our project, it would be great to attach them as a UserDefined description and have it available in the dump file, that’s my motivation for this.

JSON files work great adding custom information, but it would be even more awesome if you could enable a section to be shown in the dump file too :)

If there’s actually a way of getting this and I’m missing it, I’ll be glad to know.

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To make it more graphic, I’ve attached some illustrations of the code that generates the UserDescriptions in the D3D12HelloNsightAftermath example from the NsightAftermathGpuCrashTracker.cpp file, then the JSON filed that gets generated with the dump, and a paint-modified version of the .nv-gpudmp file that illustrates what I’m suggesting.


Generated JSON dump file:

And what could be nice to have: