Show VLAN tags in Wireshark (Windows)

I have a Connext-X4 Ethernet card operating as a packet capture device in Windows. I have it working, however when capturing traffic none of the VLAN tags are present in the capture tool (e.g wireshark). I have run into this issue numerous times before with other vendor Ethernet cards and there is usually some hidden registry setting to stop the driver from stripping vlan tags. I can’t seem to find any documentation detailing how to do this and was hoping someone could shed some light.



That is correct. when using ConnectX-4 ETH adapter as as packet capture device you will indeed not be able to detect the vlan-tags via. WireShark simply because the NIC HW is filtering it and it is “beneath” the CQEs. Nothing to do with “hidden registry setting”…

On the other hand, if you’ll use “Sniffer” instead of WireShark you’ll be able to detect the vlan-tags plainly