shrQAStart What does shrQAStart do?


I see shrQAStart(argc, argv) at the beginning of many SDK samples and I’m curious what is it for? In fact, I dont really know what are argc and argv.

Thanks for your help!

I am guessing, based on the name, that shrQAStart() is a helper function used by NVIDIA-internal QA of the SDK codes. argc and argv are commonly used in C to refer to “argument count” and “argument value”, in particular with respect to the commandline arguments passed to main():

int main (int argc, char** argv)




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argc and argv are the commandline argument count and commandline argument strings. This is standard C/C++. shrQAStart() would appear to be one of the hooks used by internal QA infrastructure, and can be completely ignored by end users. In case you are wondering why this is left in place in the shipping code: It is good practice to ship code exactly the way it ran through QA, without any modifications.