Shutdon issue on L4T R32.6.1

Hi, Nvidia persons.

I’m working for the development of a camera driver.

I sometimes experience shutdown issue on ROScube(RQX-58G) with L4T R32.6.1.
Once booted and logged in, just run “sudo shutdwon -h now” in a UART debug console terminal or SSH terminal.

Sometimes, I’ve been getting the following message, repeating forever.

------- messages from here —
WARNING: at platform/drivers/mailbox/mail_mach.c:161
WARNING: at platform/drivers/mailbox/mail_mach.c:177

There is not mail_mach.c under the kernel and nvidia source trees from NVIDIA and ADLINK. I think this file is included in the firmware like RCE. So can you tell me what the messages mean ? And I need to know how to properly shut down (except pushing power button) in such cases because sometimes ROScube will not be able to start after power off and on.
Shutdown_issue_log (50.0 KB)


Could you upgrade to J5.1.1(r35.3.1) for Xavier.


Thanks, ShaneCCC.

This isssue occurs with ADLINK’s ROScube (RQX-58G), not the Xavier DevKit.
However, our customer have been developing theirapplication for his R32.6.1.
And the BSP R35.3.1 for ROScube is not yet available from ADLINK. Only BSP R35.1 Pre Release is available now. My camera driver works well with the BSP R35.1, but the BSP is unstable even without camera driver.

Did you try r32.7.x?

The BSP for ROScube is available up to R32.6.x…
So It is impossible to try R32.7.x