Shutdown after 15 seconds after boot

I have a big problem with my TK1 board.
I power up my board and after 15 seconds it shuts down.
What are the problems?
Thank you!

Do you have a serial console you can attach to view boot progress? If so, please attach a boot log.

One suggestion is to isolate the Jetson from anything attached. Disconnect everything you can, especially HDMI and USB devices (these are hot plug anyway…you can attach them after boot if it works)…then, determine if it boots further before turning off. If boot succeeds, then attach devices one at a time (e.g., for USB dont’ use a HUB…try a single device at a time). If boot doesn’t succeed, then a serial console log becomes more important.

Has anything changed on the board, e.g., new kernel or new peripherals?