Shutdown fails in Xavier NX

Shutdown is not bringing the system down.

Our carrier board has many peripherals attached. One of the peripherals is an ethernet switch(ksz987R) connected to the module over i2c2(0xC240000).
When shutdown is fired from command terminal, the system spits tons of messages from switch driver and does not go down. Reproducibility is ~50%.

The command to shutdown is sudo shutdown -P now

Initially, the issue was suspected in the switch driver. However, the vendor is pretty sure that their driver is fine. While I continue the discussion with vendor on the switch driver, I would like to get few understanding on NX side.

The i2c2@0xC240000 is also on AON cluster. Also from pinmux, it is seen that wake41 signal is also associated with SDA line.
Below is the pinmux values currently configured.
pinmux.0x0c302040 = 0x00000560; # gen2_i2c_sda_pdd0: i2c2, tristate-disable, input-enable, io_high_voltage-enable, lpdr-enable
pinmux.0x0c302020 = 0x00000560; # gen8_i2c_scl_pdd1: i2c8, tristate-disable, input-enable, io_high_voltage-enable, lpdr-enable

Is this the right configuration for i2c?

Since this i2c is also associated with AON, do I need to consider anything specific during shutdown?


Hi, does it still happen if not connect the ethernet switch? Basically module should power off later than device, please also check this.