Shutdown Signal Hold Time

Is it possible to configure the shutdown signal hold time before it causes a system shutdown? I think the default is set around 10 seconds but I would like to reduce this. Thanks

The shutdown command itself has time set such as: “sudo shutdown -h now”. I guess it would depend on how your are calling the shutdown…perhaps you can use the equivalent of the shutdown from command line to name whatever delay you want.

On a related note there are some defaults in systemd for maximum wait time for certain events, e.g., wait time for an app to shut down before shutdown continues. You’d probably need to investigate the systemd unit XML files to view those particular delay times.

Thanks for your response, I should have been more clear, I’m actually talking about the physical shutdown pin. It’s called “POWER_BTN” and it’s on pad B50. Currently I can hold that pin low for 10 seconds and then the TX2 will shutdown, my hope was to reduce that 10 seconds hold time. I hope this is more clear.

There is a timer associated with that which can probably be changed, but I am not familiar with where to find this timer. Someone more familiar with ACPI ( may be able to answer this.

Thanks linuxdev for your help, unfortunately I still cannot figure out how to reduce that shutdown time.

Can anybody at Nvidia tell me how I would go about configuring that hardware timer to reduce the shutdown signal hold time?