Shutdown when Unplugging AC Adapter from Jetson Nano

How can I unplug the AC adapter connected to Jetson Nano for a safe shutdown?
I unplugged the AC adapter and plugged the AC adapter again, but some Jetson Nano couldn’t display the screen.
I bought 50 Jetson Nano, but 26 of them couldn’t display.

Do you use normal shutdown? Either the GUI to first power off, or the command line “sudo shutdown -h now”? Remember that despite the tiny size, this is a full computer. You wouldn’t just yank the power on it any more than you would pull the power plug from the wall for a desktop PC.

Thank you for your response.
No, I don’t use the normal shutdown. I understand that unplugging the adapter without properly shutting down the system could potentially damage Jetson Nano.

It can. There is a software issue and a hardware issue.

For hardware, if there is a power surge, then hardware could be destroyed. That’s usually from something more than unplugging, but it is possible if you yank the power adapter when it is under load. Unrelated, consider a surge protector like any other computer might use.

Software issues arise from content in RAM in need of writing. The filesystem has a journal, which means it records which parts being written are changed and in need of write, but not yet write completed (think of cache and buffer being marked for write, but write not yet started or not yet complete). If the journal records the system as having unwritten data when it starts back up, then it backs out changes on the disk as it restarts…this eliminates partial writes. Without this files and directories could end up corrupted (meaning further writes will further corrupt). With the journal it means content will be missing (anything in the progress of changing will disappear). If the writing is sufficiently intense, then the journal won’t be large enough to erase changing content, and you’ll still get corruption. Corruption means no longer bootable. So…always shut it down properly.

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