Siemens PLM NX 10 and Siemens Teamcenter Visualization 10


We have setup an demo environment with Horizon View and Grid Cards. The environment is as follow

2 x FUJITSU PRIMERGY RX2540 M1 (Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2660 v3 @ 2.60GHz, 196GB Memory)
Fujitsu Eternus SSD storage connected with Fiber Channel
Running vsphere 5.5.0.update02-2143827-v320-1 and Horizon View 6.0.1 build-2088845
One host with Nvidia Grid K1 and the other host with K2 card.

We have configured the K1 card as vSGA and the K2 card as vDGA.
The host with vSGA are running the version 340.32
The vms that are configured for vDGA are using the driver "347.52-quadro-grid-desktop-notebook-win8-win7-64bit-international-whql"

The demo environment we are testing the applications Siemens PLM NX 10 and Siemens Teamcenter Visualization 10.
We tried to use a vm on the vSGA that is sharing K1 card, but that was to slow, and not able to work with this. What im wondering about is should it work with vSGA on a K1 card?

We tried to use a vm on the vDGA that have K2 card dedicated, and it is working ok, we may need some fine tuning. Is there any documents/best practice when it comes to these applications and tuning ?

So the main question is actually to run these Siemens applications do we have to use vDGA?

I know we can upgrade to use vGPU and vsphere 6, but we are waiting for the hardware to be certified first.

Thanks for reply.


vSGA is inadequate for the applications you’re attempting to use.

What certification are you waiting for to move to vGPU? Since they’re already certified for GRID, you should be able to move to vGPU without issue.


Thanks for reply Jason.

Thanks for confirming that vSGA is not adequate enough. Do you have any documents or best practice when it comes to Siemens NX application or Teamcenter. I know of the pdf "VMware Horizon 6 with View Performance and Best Practices" and "Graphics Acceleration in View Virtual Desktops" but are there any spesific for Siemens applications? Im also looking for performance charts or any other documentation regarding this.

What I mean about certification is that the hardware vendor is not yet certified for vSphere 6, I know it will come in april. I know I can install it, but want to wait and use the version from our vendor.

We have potentionaly a lot of users that uses Siemens NX and Teamcenter so if there is someone in the Nvidia that has good knowledge about those application + vmware, that would help a lot for some questions :) ?

Thanks for your time.