SIGGRAPH 2022 | Omniverse Announcements

We hope you got a chance to watch the SIGGRAPH 2022 Special Address. If you missed or would like to watch it again, a replay of the special address can be found here.

We made some exciting announcements today. Here’s a quick recap of the top Omniverse announcements:

[Available Now]

  • Omniverse Kit (Release Notes — Omniverse Kit documentation)

    • Improvements for synthetic data generation. This includes an improved content library with more assets to help prepare scenes for training, as well as more USD and SimReady assets.
    • Viewport 2.0, which is the new extendable viewport for all Kit-based applications. With Viewport 2.0, users can create custom user interfaces and use multiple viewport windows at once.
    • Improved layout tools, which allow for better manipulation of content in the viewport. Users can align, snap, randomize and use other features for quickly laying out vast quantities of content to better improve the stage-generation process.
    • New review tools, which gives users the ability to measure and convey changes to team members during collaborative sessions.
    • ActionGraph improvements. New direct-in-viewport buttons and improvements allow users to build configurators directly in their viewport with action graph alone.
  • Audio2Face (Release Notes — Omniverse Audio2Face documentation)

    • Audio2Emotion, a new feature allowing avatar-emotion controls to be automatically keyed by AI that infers emotion from an audio clip.
    • Full-face animation, which enables Omniverse users to direct eye, teeth and tongue motion, in addition to the avatar’s skin, for more complete facial animation.
    • Character setup. The Character Transfer retargeting tool now supports full-face animation with easy-to-use tools to define meshes that make up the eyes, teeth and tongue.
  • Omniverse Machinima (Machinima Release Notes — Omniverse Machinima documentation)

    • The latest update to the Machinima app includes Audio2Face and Audio2Gesture integration into Sequencer, which allows for easier playback and editing of AI-driven performances. Coupled with pose tracker improvements, the update will allow a user to drive a full performance directly from a single application.
  • Connectors (Beta Release)

[Coming Soon/In Development]

  • NVIDIA Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE)

    • NVIDIA Omniverse™ Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) is a collection of cloud-based AI models and services for developers to easily build, customize, and deploy engaging and interactive avatars.
  • USD Compatibility Test and Certification Suite

    • To accelerate USD development and adoption, the company also announced development of an open USD Compatibility Testing and Certification Suite that developers can freely use to test their USD builds and certify that they produce an expected result.
  • OmniLive

    • OmniLive, a major development that delivers non-destructive live workflows at increased speed and performance to those who are connecting and collaborating among third-party applications.
  • Connectors (in development)

    • Autodesk Alias
    • Autodesk Civil3D
    • Blender
    • Lighting AI
    • Maxon Redshift
    • Open Geospatial Consortium
    • Siemens JT
    • SimScale
    • Unity

Here are some additional announcements we think you might also be interested in:

  • NeuralVDB

    • NVIDIA NeuralVDB brings the power of AI to OpenVDB, the industry-standard library for simulating and rendering sparse volumetric data, such as water, fire, smoke and clouds. Learn More
  • Nsight System and Graphics

    • Nsight Systems, NVIDIA’s tool for system-wide performance analysis, and Nsight Graphics, NVIDIA’s tool for debugging and optimizing graphics applications, received new versions.

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