Signal loss for single display in 3x3 mosaic setup Quadro m5000

We have three Datapaths connected to the Quadro m5000, each sending a signal to three 1920x1080 displays in a vertical row. The Datapaths are set to an input resolution of 1920x3240 in order to get the full screen resolution at 60 Hz.

The Quadro is configured to a Mosaic setup of the three Datapaths, creating a desktop with a total resolution of 5760x3240.

The problem is that one of the columns, connected to the bottom DisplayPort output of the m5000, sometimes loses signal completely and turns black. This problem moves to whichever column is connected to the bottom DisplayPort output, so we’re sure the issue has to come from the computer.

We use a 1000W PSU so that should be fine.

Does anyone have experience with this issue?

How are the Datapaths connected to the M5000? is the connection native DisplayPort or or are you converting DisplayPort to DVI using a dongle?