Signal Processing Engine (SPE) SPI sample uses SPI2. Jetson Orin Nano Dev Kit J2 pins are used for other purposes


I am digging into the SPI sample code for the AON Cluster (Signal Processing Engine) for the Jetson Orin Nano 8GB dev kit. The instructions require that SPI2 from the SoM must be used. The pins specified by the example from connector J2 (260 Pin SODIMM) on the dev kit are:

  • Pin 126 - CLK
  • Pin 127 - MISO
  • Pin 128 - MOSI
  • Pin 130 - CS0

These same pins are connected on the schematic to:

  • Pin 126 - BT_M2_EN (bluetooth enable)
  • Pin 127 - PWR_LED_CTRL
  • Pin 128 - W_DISABLE1_CTRL (wifi enable)
  • Pin 130 - CAM_MUX_SEL

My question is: Can the AON Cluster SPE be used with either SPIO0 or SPI1? These two SPIs have easy access from J12 (40 Pin connector) and are dedicated pins for SPI.

I am able to properly flash the device with the instructions, but I can’t really use the pins to connect an SPI device as they are being used for other purposes.

I used the schematics here for the dev kit carrier board. Page 4.4D

Hello, user60951:
SPI2 (@0x0c260000) is the only SPI controller you can access from SPE firmware, since SPE R5 can only access the modules within AON cluster to gain full function.

Same rule is applied by other modules like GPIO, UART, I2C, etc.


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