Please tell me what could be the problem if the error comes from the function RtilsNonEmptyDirectoryReparsePointAllowed in PGI Fortran.

The debugger does not give me any information saying that “Cannot debug the target problem.”

I did some tracking and it looks like the error is coming from using Backspace function.

But I cannot specify the reason.

Furthermore, this error only occurs in PVF 17.5. It does not appear in PGICE Windows 17.4.

Engineering hasn’t seen an error like this before. Could you please send us code and steps to help us reproduce this here?

It’s a very complicated code and hard to reproduce because the error is conditional.

I will let you know if I can reproduce it.

For the time being, can you tell me just about what that function is about? So that I can track the error better.

I don’t believe it is a PGI-provided function. Likely comes from the Windows OS, somewhere.